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Greetings, this page is my tribute to one of Disney's all time great masterpieces. This film was produced in 1949 as a Disney short along with The Wind in the Willows starring Mr. Toad. The movie personifies the beautiful artwork rendered by Disney at that time. The voice of Bing Crosby doing the narration only enhances the wonder and charm of the movie. This is my all time favorite and I would recommend this film to all Disney & Halloween fans. A true classic in every sense and what I believe is the best rendition of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow tale. I was fortunate to have acquired a beautiful original production cel from this film. It depicts Ichabod and Katrina as they appeared in the movie. Owning one of these original production cels is like capturing a moment of the film. This cel is a true gem. Please enjoy the videos and links to information about this great movie.

We are first introduced to Katrina in this sequence
Ichabod persues Katrina to her Farm

Halloween Party at Katrina Farm

Brom Tells His Ghostly Tale

Ichabod Meets his Fate

Ichabod Production Cel From my personal Collection (Rare)

Ichabod original production cel from 1949 (Rare)

My Favorite Sleepy Hollow Haunts

Richard's Disney Sleepy Hollow Main Page

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Disney's Sleepy Hollow Chase Sequence

Disney Archives- Sleepy Hollow

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Story - 1949

Ichabod & Katrina Original production Cel

-  Did You Know?

The famous Bing Crosby narrates and sings the entire length of the short animated film. 

 - An ironic thing to watch for is when Ichabod catches the two trouble makers in his class drawing Ichabod as a turkey, Ichabod asks his mother to     make him dinner for an apology. He is served none the less than a turkey. 

 - During the beginning of Brom Bones spooky tale. A dark looking man leans out from his chair and says "And some don't even wear their skin!"     The animators were to have said that they intended to make this character look like the famous horror film star Vincent Price. 

- At the beginning of Ichabod's long journey home through the forest, you can see that the clouds are made to look like hands starving the moon of    life.

  - If you listen closely it sounds as though the crickets, toads, and crows are whispering Ichabod's name. 

  - While Ichabod is staring at the Owl in the tree it seems to be saying "You You You" 

  - When you see the black bird fly towards Ichabod and quickly escape through the woods you can hear it's crow.... it's saying, "Beware Beware". 

   - As a bit of humor they added Bing Crosby saying, "I'm getting out of here." right before they fade to black.